Paperless Preparation

London, 15 February 2020

About the Training

This training was successfully offered in Mexico, Brazil, different US cities and now it is coming to London.

Paperless Preparation

There is a general understanding among practitioners that preparation is related to higher quality and job satisfaction. Preparing for some assignments could be described as a paradox. Interpreters might be given all the material needed for thorough preparation, though they might receive it very close to the time of the conference. In other cases, interpreters are given sufficient time to prepare but receive very few details on their assignment. This training will provide interpreters with a preparation method and IT tools that allow them to most effectively use their time and the material available when preparing for an assignment.


  • The SPEAKING Preparation method
  • Term extraction
  • Practice scenarios

  • Introduction to paperless preparation environments
  • Apps for paperless preparation & digitizing notes
  • On the go apps and useful gadgets

Target Group

Professional interpreters. Whether you are a court, police, medical, business or conference interpreter, you will benefit from participating in this hands-on training. 

The Venue

London Metropolitan University
Holloway Campus

166-220 Holloway Rd, 

London N7 8DB, 

United Kingdom

Participation Fee

Regular rate


Student rate


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