Intro to Conference Interpreting: 2-3 August

Preparation for Interpreter Exams: 4 August

About the Training

Intro to Conference Interpreting

The reasons to aspire to become a conference interpreter vary among markets. For medical, court and community interpreters the transition into conference will require an adaptation effort. In this two-day language neutral course, interpreters will be introduced to conference interpreting, the basic skills needed to perform in the modes used in conference settings and the most common difficulties interpreters face in the booth and conference related functions.

Note: this course is language neutral; therefore drills in a booth are left for the Intermediate Course. The exercises will be made using the devices participants use to prepare for assignments (laptop, tablets, phones.)

Day 1

Profile of the court interpreter

Origins in Conference Interpreting

Language classification

Professional Associations

The Ethics of the Conference Interpreter

Modes of interpreting: simultaneous, consecutive, sight translation, simultaneous with text

Technology for Conference Interpreting: preparation, collective work, remote interpreting, glossary building

Networking & Social Networks

Stress management

ISO Standards

Interpreting Programs

Day 2

Preparation for Conference Interpreting

Voice warm up


Intro to simultaneous

Intro to consecutive

Intro to sight translation

Intro to simultaneous with texts

Targeted research

Working in teams

Review of common roadblocks: speed, numbers, accent, memorizing new terms, lexical creativity, jokes, register, acronyms, citations. 

Preparation for Interpreter Exams

Sitting exams is a common source of stress and frustration for interpreters. The lack of preparation strategies and anxiety on exam day can affect the outcome. Waiting for results can also be a source of anxiety, especially for tests with very low passing rates. In this one-day language neutral course, interpreters will create their own preparation strategies and learn to cope with this source of incidental stress and build resilience.


  • Understanding your motivation to take the exam
  • Stress management for exams
  • Study strategies
  • Understanding the format of your exam
  • Deliberate practice
  • Technology for exam preparation (smart pens, apps, glossary building)
  • Research techniques for relevant terminology 


The Preparation for Interpreter Exams training is approved for 6 CEUs from the American Translators Association.

You can also apply for CEUs directly with the instances you are accredited with. Each day qualifies for 6 tutor-led hours.

The Venue

Puerto Rico Science, Technology & Research Trust

105 Carr. #21, 
Km. 0.8 Bo. Monacillo
San Juan, PR 00927

Participation Fee

Introduction to Conference Interpreting

Early bird till July 1st, 2019


Introduction to Conference Interpreting

Regular rate starting July 2nd, 2019


Preparation for Interpreter Exams

Early bird till July 1st, 2019


Preparation for Interpreter Exams

Regular rate starting July 2nd, 2019


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This training is offered in collaboration with Lingovox Translation Studio. 

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Local Organiser: Ms Roslyn Famous


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